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How it works

PMopenlab assists public bodies, university laboratories and companies in Experimental Research & Development activities applied to the fields of innovation, digital technologies and manufacturing, and high-tech design processes. Our company is a reliable partner pursuing goals of promoting social, economic, environmental and technological development, providing innovative solutions and support in training and research paths.

Ecosystem numbers

Agreements with university laboratories and innovation clusters

We carry out accompanying activities to qualified training paths on innovative digital skills and collaboration in research projects, competitive calls and third mission activities, in agreement with:

logo PAU_unito copia.png

Dipartimento PAU UniRC
[from 2022]

  • Promotion of curricular internships and orientation as a host for students in the L-4 Design degree program of the PAU Department

  • Designing training and qualification paths on the topics of eco-design, digital design and additive manufacturing

  • Sharing facilities and infrastructure with student and trainee recipients

  • Assistance and accompaniment of the trainee with "one-to-one" relationship

Logo ABITAlab v2023.png

ABITAlab dArTe UniRC
[from 2019]

  • Experimental and applied research, specialized postgraduate training

  • Collaboration and sharing of competitive pathways, in partnership with others

  • Internships, apprenticeships and work qualification experience with exchange of skills and students of the Bachelor of Architecture LM-4 degree program 

  • Sharing and partnership for higher education pathways, master's degree programs, specialized courses and participation with specific expertise in seminar or experimental activities within university courses or dissertation workshops 

  • Sharing of infrastructure and instrumentation, networked equipment and/or loan for use by those involved in the agreement and/or those who have stable collaborations with them


Polo di Innovazione
Green Home s.c.a.r.l.
[from 2018]

  • Networking and cooperation in activities in the fields of innovation and sustainable construction

  • Collaboration and promotion of educational paths on sustainability issues and applied research with the network

  • Dissemination and participation in transfer and partnership activities of competitive pathways promoted by the Cluster


Ruolo: Partner di ABITAlab dArTe UniRC

Periodo: 5 maggio-1 giugno 2023

Tirocini Formativi Curriculari per n.4 studenti del Corso di Laurea Design L4, dipartimento PAU UniRC

Ruolo: Soggetto ospitante 

Periodo: aprile-giugno 2023 (200 ore)

Ruolo: Soggetto ospitante con ABITAlab dArTe UniRC

Periodo: maggio-luglio 2022

Ruolo: Consulente attività comunicazione integrata e prototipazione

Periodo: novembre 2017-novembre 2019

Shared infrastructure

Technological infrastructure, equipment and instrumentation for ICT, Additive and Digital Manufacturing activities are shared with Infrastructure #1 Research & Development with the Inter-University Center for Bioecological Architecture and Technological Innovation for the Environment ABITAlab - Reggio Calabria Branch of the Department of Architecture and Territory (dArTe) UniRC, for the existing Research and Third Mission Activities Convention (more info here).

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